Orange-red banner with white font that reads 12 Days of Uniti. On a green bar at the bottom reads With your generosity, UNITI provides quality services. Here are the areas where we need your help. There is a picture of a young person wearing glasses, a hat and a scarf.

You can donate and support UNITI today. yellow star

12 Days of UNITI highlights where you can make the biggest impact. From joining our membership to donating to support mental health and wellness, these are the ways you can support our organization.

1 Inclusive Living. A smiling woman holds a sign that says hashtag We Need Harmony because people with disabilities need to be included!
2 Uniti Awareness. Graphic of a computer on a desk. The computer screen is open to Google with @uniti4all in the search browser.
3 Mental Health and Wellness. Two graphics on the right. Top is of a woman with a headscarf. Next to her reads help your community. The graphic below is a man playing the guitar with text that reads help make resources accessible.
4 Recreation and Leisure. Person wearing a red sweater that says Rec and Leisure on the back.
5 Careers. Two women wearing masks in a vehicle.
6 Advocacy. Two images each with two smiling people wearing Self Advocates of Semiahmoo shirts.
7 Membership. Magazine cover with a young man with dark hair and a beard on the cover. The text on the magazine reads Uniti Partners Annual Report 2020/2021.
8 Culinary Arts Program. A person is wearing a white chef's hat and chef's apron. She wears gloves and has a plate of food in front of her.
9 Vehicles 4 images featuring people at UNITI celebrating Pride as well as a decorated van that takes people around the community.
10 Community Belonging. A woman smiles as she jogs in the green forest.
11 Volunteer. An older woman sits in front of a sewing machine with mending materials in her hands.
12 Home Share. An adult woman with dark brown hair and dark eyes smiles at the camera.

About Us

UNITI is the partnership of three affiliated societies that have been around for over 60 years in White Rock and Surrey communities. UNITI provides quality services and supports to people with disabilities and their families; affordable and inclusive housing that reflects the diversity of our community; and ensures that we have the recognition, relationships and resources to support an inclusive community.

Donations accepted through The Semiahmoo Foundation 133821991 RR 0001

Contact Us

PHONE: 604-536-1242


ADDRESS: 15306 24th Ave, Surrey BC, V4A 2J1  


Use the #12DaysofUNITI hashtag on social media to keep the conversation going.


Thank you for your support!