On day 4, we present donating to guidance counselling services.

Guidance Counselling Services

Goal: $35,000

“I felt safe and comfortable sharing my information because my counsellor and I have managed to create a relationship of trust and kindness.”

– Impact Statement

Thanks to grants and donations our Guidance Counselling Services currently operate with ZERO waitlist.

Women with long curly brown hair and glasses smiles while she is on the phone.

Our Values:

Your donation supports people with disabilities, their families and their support networks to access essential mental health services.  Our Guidance Counselling Services also support staff, caregivers and Home Share Providers at UNITI. 

We believe that all people should have the best possible health and be free from abuse and neglect.

Guidance Counselling Services are completely fundraised through donations and support from grants.

An organization you can trust: With your donation, you will receive a tax receipt, thank you letter and card, and UNITI will stay engaged with you throughout the year as the donations are spent in this area. Once the project is complete, we will send you a beautiful one page report on the the results of your donation.

UNITI is accredited at the highest level through the Council of Accreditation and was awarded the Non-Profit of the Year through the South Surrey-White Rock Chamber of Commerce.

Our impact: See the impact report from the 2021 12 Days of UNITI Holiday Campaign here: https://uniti4all.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/FULL-12-Days-Report.pdf

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Donations accepted through Semiahmoo House Society 11914 4772 RR 0001.

Contact UNITI Director of Development, Jillian Glennie at uniti@uniti4all.com.