On day 11, we ask you to apply to be a community support staff!

Hiring Community Support Staff

“I have grown a lot professionally working at UNITI.  There are a lot of jobs here that you don’t realize and people are given opportunities to grow in these positions.”

– Marjorie Cenezero,

Community Support Worker

Working at UNITI is fulfilling and fun.

Develop new skills and support people to thrive.

Our Values:

We rely on Community Support Staff to integrate people with disabilities into our local community.  These staff work primarily at our South Campus or North Campus locations.  We hire Community Support Staff for a variety of programs including our Personal Development Day Services, Recreation and Leisure Services, Community Connectors Service and more!

To apply, please email your resume and cover letter to recruit@uniti4all.com.

An organization you can trust: Each person, as part of our UNITI Team, receives valuable education toward their professional careers and personal growth including First Aid, Person Centred Thinking, and Mandt. There is also opportunity to learn more about social justice and equity, supporting UNITI to grow in these important areas. UNITI also has a Welcoming and Wellness Committee for staff which focuses on the importance of health and wellness of employees of UNITI and to provide a welcoming, respectful and culturally sensitive workplace.

UNITI is accredited at the highest level through the Council of Accreditation and was awarded the Non-Profit of the Year through the South Surrey-White Rock Chamber of Commerce.

Our impact: See the impact report from the 2021 12 Days of UNITI Holiday Campaign here: https://uniti4all.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/FULL-12-Days-Report.pdf

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Contact UNITI Director of Development, Jillian Glennie at uniti@uniti4all.com.