Just before the Convocation of spring graduates on April 12, 2013, Jeremy Sabell, President of Stenberg College, presented Paul Wheeler, Executive Director at Semiahmoo House Society, with the President’s Award.

Paul at Stenberg

“The award is presented annually to the individual or group who inspire our community of healthcare and human service professionals through their actions and words. We believe that this fits you to a tee,” writes Samantha Gray, Marketing and Public Relations Administrator with Stenberg College, in an e-mail to Paul.

Paul received a plaque and $1,000 to be donated to his charity of choice. Paul has directed the funds to the Wheeler/Soucy Endowment Fund at The Semiahmoo Foundation, which supports Semiahmoo House Society.

With his signature conviviality, Paul addressed Stenberg graduates during the Convocation ceremony. In an inspiring speech, he compelled the graduates to open their world and their heart by dedicating their life to giving to others. “When you only think about yourself, your life is this small,” said Paul narrowly cupping his hands toward himself. Then by turning and opening his arms widely toward the crowd, he added, “When you give to others, your world becomes that much bigger.” Paul continued his speech by highlighting the importance of helping others and by imparting how this still drives him to this day. Graduates, who chose their field of study in caring professions, nodded and smiled in agreement.

Paul was accompanied by his wife, Janet; his daughters, Amanda and Vanessa and Amanda’s husband, Renny. Some team and board members from Semiahmoo House Society were also present to applaud Paul’s achievements. In their own personal way, everyone in Paul’s entourage concurs with Samantha Gray’s statement: “Thank you so much for accepting this award! I can’t think of a more deserving person!”

Paul et al at Stenberg

Semiahmoo House Society, a non-profit organization located in Surrey/White Rock, exists to provide quality services and supports to people with disabilities and their families in the community. 

The Semiahmoo Foundation, located in Surrey/White Rock, exists to fund, support and enhance the programs and services delivered by Semiahmoo House Society.

Larry and Paul Stenberg

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  • Proud to know Paul Wheeler. An inspiration to many…and a man who has changed many lives! Congrats Paul.


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