It is natural for people to lose heart when faced with failures. When we encounter failures, they dampen our determination and leave incredible scars in our life. Just remember, failure does not emotionally disturb some. Their success towers over all the failures. We are led to believe that successful people never fail in any of their attempts. Let us not be under the impression that successful people have had a smooth life.

The fact is that people succeed only after making mistakes, learning from them and by avoiding recurrence of the same mistakes. It is important that one should learn from failures and try to overcome one’s shortcomings.

When we watch a tree with its sprawling branches and a massive trunk, we are taken in by its grandeur and majesty. We don’t see the hidden roots that have stuck deep into the soil and the roots that are responsible for nourishment and strength of the tree. We often notice the fruits of success of a person and not the struggle behind it. We often mistake success as fortune and failure as misfortune.

All success is the result of hard work and ceaseless effort, while failure is a product of sluggishness, miscalculations and sometimes unforeseen accidents. Every failure can be a stepping stone to success provided we understand the cause of failure and overcome it. Failures are lessons in life. Life is a series of trails and errors and it is impossible for anyone to avoid errors and wish away trails.

Don’t grieve over failures. Make every failure an experience and learn the right lessons from it. When you start grieving over failures you miss the lesson they teach you. Every failure has a cause and instead of ruminating over failure, analyze the cause. Therein lies the lesson. The lesson you learn is positive advantage. Failures need not frighten you. A positive approach to failure will work as a springboard for you to leap towards success. In this limitless universe, you can never be stuck.

By Shabnam Khan, Personal Development Support Worker

Semiahmoo House Society, a non-profit organization located in Surrey/White Rock, exists to provide quality services and supports to people with disabilities and their families in the community. 

The Semiahmoo Foundation, located in Surrey/White Rock, exists to fund, support and enhance the programs and services delivered by Semiahmoo House Society.

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