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Every couple of years, our Recreation and Leisure Services organize an international trip allowing Semiahmoo House participants and staff to travel together. I like going on these trips because I get away from reality, work and somewhat bad weather. I get to hang out with my friends in a nice calming background, awesome weather and away from the parents.

This year, about 28 of us went to Mexico. We went to the market, hanged out by the pool or the beach, tried all the restaurants, tried different foods and just had fun and relaxed.

If it wasn’t for the staff the trip wouldn’t be possible because I like to travel, but I don’t feel comfortable traveling by myself. The staff made it fun, safe and cool to enjoy the trip. That’s why I got my trip leader a spa package as a gift for her. It was supposed to be special, but then everybody started to get a massage.

The only thing I didn’t like was the air conditioning in the room, shuttle bus and plane.  I thought siesta time was a bit longer then needed. When we are in a different place, we like to go out and explore, but I guess siesta time was mostly for the workers. Everything else except for the bad weather on one of the days and my being sick most of trip, was excellent and a success.

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Amanda Erlendson, The Semiahmoo Foundation

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