Dear Donors, Members, Partners and Friends of Semiahmoo House Society:

I would like to start my report for the past year by first stating what a privilege and pleasure it has been to work alongside Doug Tennant, our Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer, as well as the Board of Directors. A year ago, I agreed to stand for the Chair’s role only if the entire Board of Directors were in support, well, Doug and the entire Board, have not only been supportive but have not hesitated to put their hands up to help out wherever and whenever there has been a need. I am so very appreciative of their continued support.

As the Board of Directors, our role is to ensure that we are monitoring the Executive Director’s actions as laid out in our Policies and Ends documents. We are not responsible for operational issues, directions or helping to run the day-to-day duties. We are accountable to you, our Owners and the Ownership Group has been identified as “the communities” of Surrey and White Rock. We accept this responsibility as our main duty to perform, on behalf of the Owners. The onus is on the Board to be engaged, to be open to feedback and listen to the issues and ideas that are brought forward to the Board’s attention. We must be accountable and open to new ideas, we must be receptive to feedback from all points of interest of the Ownership Group; this necessitates our ability to meet with the Owners through different avenues. These avenues include many different events such as:

  • Our Food 4 Thought Dinners
  • A Taste of BCs Finest Fundraisers
  • Annual Picnics and Golf Tournaments
  • Multicultural meetings with other organizations
  • Educational sessions offered through Inclusion BC, Carver Model of Governance and special invited guests to present to the Board on enlightening topics
  • Invited guests attending Board meetings
  • Our annual Board Retreat is a working session where Board member get to know other members, talk about current Board priorities and to relate their experiences around Semiahmoo House. This past year our Board members wrote their stories about their connections with the people we support, a very moving read.

I will mention that the Board is very excited about this coming year as it promises to be a milestone year for Semiahmoo House as well as the Board, with the construction of the inclusive affordable apartment project and new members joining the Board.

The Board would like to acknowledge and recognize the exceptional contributions that entire staff and volunteers add to the success of Semiahmoo House Society. The way in which these groups dedicate themselves to the Person Centered Practices we follow makes our programs what they are today, and without your dedication and love in assisting others, we would not be celebrating your successes today.

Respectfully submitted,

Rich Gorman, Chair

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