Always our volunteers make a difference in the day of at least one of the people living or participating in the programs at Semiahmoo House Society.  We welcome you and thank you for bringing your talents and experience to share with us each week.  It has been a pleasure meeting you and introducing you to our wonderful agency.  From there you have blended in where you can do so many good things for the people we support.

There have been many commendations made about our volunteers from full-time staff and also from people who attend our programs.   It is a pleasure to be associated with each and every one of you – student volunteers, who give of their precious out of school hours, employed volunteers, who take extra time in their day to serve, and retired volunteers, who just want to give back to the community and especially our community of friends.

Read through some of the comments that have been shared and see where you, our golden volunteers, fit the commendations.  Praise of individual volunteers has been in these specific words:

  • This volunteer is dedicated to doing what is needed and shows genuine compassion to others
  • This volunteer makes wonderful contributions to the program
  • This volunteer recognizes where the need is and takes initiative and also direction
  • This volunteer takes time to get to know everyone and has “the best conversations” with people
  • This volunteer can go with the flow and adapt easily to changes or the unexpected
  • This volunteer shows a real interest in being with those in the program and they reciprocate
  • This volunteer has an excellent way of supporting others to complete projects
  • This volunteer has demonstrated outstanding commitment and support

Thank you for every hour that you devote to encouraging and supporting the men and women whose lives are our first concern at Semiahmoo House Society.  We love to have you at our side and in the midst of all that we do in our commitment to provide the highest quality of support and services.

In following newsletters, with the permission of volunteers, it will be our pleasure to feature and commend two or three of our volunteers each time.  Thank you to all of our volunteers!

By: Dorothy Gurney, Volunteer Coordinator (Volunteer).

Note from Louise: Thank you, Dorothy for all you do as a volunteer coordinating our other volunteers!

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