I have been thinking about Freedom, the great banner of our society, and then about my own freedom to come and go and make choices.  Living at this time and in this place is wonderful and challenging, and I have the privilege of doing so.  Do the people around me, my friends at Semiahmoo House Society, have those same freedoms that I take so for granted?  I am reminded that that is our reason for being, and that is what each and every staff person, paid and unpaid, must have as a core purpose.  It is my privilege to meet and work with volunteers who love the prospect of serving and opening the doors of freedom for people who join us here at Semiahmoo House Society.  Thank you, every one of you who give of your precious time and valuable abilities, to open doors and gateways for the people who join us at Semiahmoo House Society.  Freedom is being shared.

By Dorothy Gurney, Volunteer Coordinator (Volunteer)

Thank you, Dorothy!

Semiahmoo House Society, a non-profit organization located in Surrey/White Rock, exists to provide quality services and supports to people with disabilities and their families in the community. The Semiahmoo Foundation exists to fund, support and enhance the programs and services delivered by Semiahmoo House Society.

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