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Working closely with Semiahmoo House Society for the Chorus project, it was easy to see early on what a profound impact this building would have not only for their membership but for the community of Surrey.  From the Development aspect of real estate you hardly see any purpose built rentals being built whether you are in Surrey or elsewhere in the lower mainland, let alone affordable rental and specific suites for their members.

To make Chorus possible, the Semiahmoo House Society had to get all hands on deck through a development company, a consultant specializing with rental strategies and BC Housing.  Through this entire process the model of having 60-year leases, as well as affordable rentals for their members and the community, made Chorus a long-term win for the community and of course for Semiahmoo House Society.

The impact for their members and the surrounding community was instant with the move-ins last summer, from their members having the opportunity to live on their own, to providing affordable rentals to the community.  The biggest role however it played is it proved that a model like this could work with enough dedication and willingness from private and municipal sector to provide independent living for the developmentally challenged community.  Proud to have played a small part in something that started shaping over a decade ago.

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