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While many people in our community are familiar with Semiahmoo House Society (SHS) as a provider of quality services for people who have disabilities, not everyone knows that SHS has two sister organizations: Peninsula Estates Housing Society (PEHS) and The Semiahmoo Foundation (TSF).

PEHS and TSF are registered as individual societies and have unique missions that they must uphold. PEHS exists so that people will “live in inclusive and affordable housing that reflects the diversity of their community,” and TSF exists to gather and provide funding for the “social betterment” of people who have disabilities.

SHS, PEHS, and TSF worked closely together to complete the Chorus Affordable and Inclusive Housing project and will be working together on future housing projects. When the three organizations work together, their partnership will be called UNITI.

UNITI will become more recognizable to the community over the next year as we launch projects that feature the three organizations working together. “Together We’re Stronger” will serve as the motto for this partnership and we expect UNITI to be a significant player in the development of quality affordable and inclusive housing in Metro Vancouver in the years that come.

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By Doug Tennant, CEO

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