When a storm roars through the forest, blasting everything in its path, it’s the tree that’s deeply rooted in the earth that doesn’t fall over.  For people, it’s the bounce back muscle that grounds them and gives them the strength to stay standing when the wind of fear, anger or despair threaten to knock them down.

When the Faith-in-Myself muscle is strong, your self-esteem is high.  You believe in yourself.  You’re kind to yourself.  Your self-talk supports you and helps you to achieve your goals.  You move forward even when you face obstacles and challenges.

When you don’t have faith in yourself, it’s almost impossible to succeed or to be happy.  Even when things are going well, you don’t feel you deserve your good fortune.  You are carried away by negative chatter in your mind, and it eventually pulls you down.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you have a conversation going on in your head.  Without even moving your lips, you tell yourself that you look beautiful or you don’t, you did a great job or you made some mistakes.  We all talk to ourselves and are deeply affected by what we say.  Our lives are just a living, breathing manifestation of the conversation going on inside our heads.

To build your Faith-in-Myself muscle, you have to first become aware of your inner conversations.  Do you talk to yourself the way a loving friend would?  Or are you hard on yourself – critical, impatient, and even verbally abusive? Without awareness, you can’t change.  Once you’re aware of your self-talk, you can then learn how to stop the negative chatter whenever it rears its destructive head. Instead of beating yourself, you will love yourself!

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