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Will you help members of our community access affordable and inclusive housing?
Chorus was purposely built by UNITI to create a community that is truly inclusive and affordable and, more than a year after its completion, I can say that it is a huge success. People of various abilities, occupations, ages, ethnicity, family structures and income levels have become friendly and harmonious neighbours. The building offers 71 new, comfortable and beautiful apartments that residents are proud to call home. The 21 tenants with developmental disabilities who aspired to live independently since they became adults have achieved a quality of life and independence that they could only hope for prior to moving at Chorus.
Kaly moved into her first home in the Chorus Apartment last year. She navigates life in her apartment with confidence and ease. With the support of staff, she is learning to cook, pay her bills, access her community and develop a strong healthy relationship with her boyfriend. To find out how Chorus has touched other lives, please click here to view the video from Accessible Media Inc.
This story is a testament that housing models like Chorus work and make a definite difference in the lives of diverse members of our community. As a result, the board of UNITI has committed to developing additional affordable and inclusive housing in Surrey within the next few years. Therefore, we are launching our first direct campaign aimed at raising funds for this cause which can benefit so many individuals and families in our community. If you wish to participate in this campaign, you have the option to contribute to two recently created endowment funds:
  • The Ankenman Architects Associates Inc. Endowment Fund was initiated by the firm that designed The Treehouse at 15306 24th Avenue and Chorus at 2358 153rd Street. The Fund is intended to provide affordable and inclusive housing.
  • The Independence Endowment Fund was created by a woman with a developmental disability who feels privileged to live at Chorus and who wants to provide the same opportunity to others. The fund, which is restricted to benefit people with developmental disabilities, is intended to provide subsidies to address rent gaps and make independent living attainable.
We are very grateful to the initiators of these endowment funds. Join their campaign by giving generously while making a difference and ensuring that inclusive and affordable housing is available in our community. You can donate by going on-line at www.inclusionsurrey.com and clicking on the yellow donate button.
UNITI is the new umbrella name that integrates three societies that have existed for decades. Semiahmoo House Society, a non-profit organization located in Surrey/White Rock, exists to provide quality services and support to people with disabilities and their families in the community. Peninsula Estates Housing Society owns affordable and inclusive housing that reflects the diversity in our community. The Semiahmoo Foundation exists to fund, support and enhance the programs and services delivered by Semiahmoo House Society and Peninsula Estates Housing Society. For more information, please contact our Director of Development, Louise Tremblay, by e-mailing l.tremblay@shsbc.ca.
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