The Chorus apartment building has been a dream of Semiahmoo  House  Society for over 10 years and now that dream has come to life in the form of a beautiful building in South Surrey.  It’s on property that Semiahmoo House owns and is right across the parking lot from the main building.

There are 71 units in the building, 20 of the units come with support for people like me, with disabilities.  The other units are for the general public, including some seniors and young families, a nice mix of people.   I know people in the building, some who go to Semiahmoo House programs with me and other people too.  My mom says it’s like living in a college dorm, where you know the people down the hall.

Chorus is in a good neighbourhood, close to shops, transit, parks, a library, swimming pools and movie theatres.

I moved in two years ago and live in my own studio apartment, which I like to call my Penthouse because it is on the top floor and has high ceilings.  It has a dishwasher, washer and dryer and my own patio.   Some of the furniture came from my family home but some of it I bought myself.

I do my own grocery shopping, cook my meals by myself most of the time,  do my own laundry and clean my apartment.  I take out the garbage and compost and recycling too.

When people ask me if I have a roommate or if I live on my own, I say I live with my cat.  I am glad it is a pet friendly building.

I am proud to say that I live as independently as possible with support.  I like the support workers who check up on us and help when we need them.

I now feel more like a grown up in some ways and in other ways I am still like a kid.  I like to watch Disney movies, ride my scooter, blow bubbles and play with my dollhouse.

My family and friends are proud of me for living in my own apartment.

I am happy and really like living at Chorus.  I think there should be more buildings like it for my friends who want their own place too.

Madeleine Weiczorek

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