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It is always a pleasure to speak of the volunteers at Semiahmoo House Society.  They come to us as enthusiastic and dedicated people, who wish to add their hands in service open to all who come our way.

Our Student volunteers –some who have already given extensively of themselves in service to others—are bright and willing as they connect with young adults of their own age.  They bring a freshness and sense of you can do this to those with whom they participate.

A gentleman and a lady who live in their homes with others, each have a friend who comes every week to share time with them and brighten their day.  We all like to have a personal friend who takes time to regularly visit and spend an hour or two with us.

The children at the Daycare enjoy the assistance and friendly reaching out of their volunteer staff person.  She adds to their growing up experiences in her own loving way.

What of the volunteers who stand and sit beside those who participate in the many other day and support programs?  They all make major contributions to the lives of those around them—teaching, encouraging, kindly assisting, partnering in community service.  The list is long.  Some have shown that their friendships with those they have come to know here are important to them as well.  They keep in touch even when they have been away, just as friends do.

Whatever space you are asked to fill, or create, in your service at Semiahmoo House Society, dear wonderful Volunteer, we thank you and may I say sincerely, we love you.

Dorothy Gurney, Volunteer Coordinator at Semiahmoo House Society

Semiahmoo House Society is a partner in UNITI. Together, we’re stronger!

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