March 30, 2020

Re: COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear Semiahmoo House Society Community,

I am addressing this letter to the whole Semiahmoo House Society community: people we support, the families of people we support, home share providers, and all our staff members. For the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be working together, with as few boundaries as possible to ensure that everyone is supported and safe.

Thank you all for the proactive steps that you have all taken to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe at home. I realize that this is very difficult for many of you and I appreciate what you are enduring to keep your loved ones and the community safe.

March 30 Update

Group Homes

We are now set with SHS Staffed Residential Workers only working in one home for the duration of the crisis. Thank you to all staff members who stepped up to make this a reality.

Personal COVID-19 Emergency Plan

Nolda Ware has led the development of a Personal COVID-19 Emergency Plan document that will be used to ensure that everything that needs to be thought about and planned for during the crisis is recorded. This would include thinking about such things as what a person needs to ensure that they are able to get groceries; how the person will be able to access their bank account; and what the person and their supporters will do if someone in a house gets sick with COVID-19. SHS staff members should be contacting all the people we are funded to support in our services this week to discuss and figure out by whom and how these plans will be created. The document is a good one and can be used by anyone in the community to ensure they have thought about all the possibilities during this crisis.

Online and Telephone Support

Most of our Community Service support is now taking place online. Support staff have been using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and business platforms such as Zoom to communicate with the people they support and their families, but sometimes a phone call works best. Please let us know if you (the person SHS supports) would like to receive more telephone calls or online contact and we will work on making that happen.

WISE Employment Solutions

WISE services are closed until further notice but we are in contact with job seekers and participants and supporting them remotely. Please connect with your assigned Employment Specialist if any additional support is required and/or connect with Seema Tripathi at or 778 888 5916.

Peninsula Child Care (PCC)

PCC remains closed at present, but we are planning on reopening it on April 6th if it is needed for children of our staff members who are supporting people in group homes, health providers, and first responders.

Additional Support

If you need additional support during these difficult times, please contact the relevant person listed at the end of this letter (Lise, Brianna, or Gale).

What this all means to you

Unfortunately, this means we need to continue staying at home. This is likely going to be our situation for the next five weeks, and likely more.

Lise Boughen

Director of Inclusive Living

604 536 1242 ext. 227

Staffed Residential (Group Homes)

Chorus Apartment Supports

Gale Cooper

Manager, Community Support Network

604 536 1242 ext. 231

Home Share Providers
Brianna Hopaluk

Community Services Manager

604 536 1242 ext. 232

Personal Development Services


Focus Group

Rec and Leisure

Liz Deschenes

Community Services Director

604-536-1242 ext. 234

Peninsula Child Care

Acquired Brain Injury Services


Doug Tennant

CEO, Semiahmoo House Society


While there is much media coverage of the COVID-19 virus it is important to be sure the information is reputable and up to date. Here are five sites that will keep you informed (google the name if this is not an electronic letter):

SHS’s communications about COVID-19 and our response can be found here:


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