Making Masks For Others

I am Mrs. Pope, I’m 75 and I’ve lived on my own for a long time. I wished for things that maybe would help me and found Semiahmoo House. I have worked with Semiahmoo House Society since I was 67 and I’ve learned a lot, including how to make things. I live in a one-bedroom apartment at Chorus, and I enjoy it. I got my dream home. I had a bad feeling about 2020, going into this mess. So I went into it thinking about what could happen, then I heard we’re in for no touching and washing hands.

My daughter called me and told me a joke. She said she went shopping for us and she couldn’t find any toilet paper. So I had a call from her and she told me what to do. So I went over to Safeway, with my friend Alex and I was in the lineup and people had masks. They scared me very badly. I got out of there and I came home. It is okay now because my daughter said I don’t have to go to Safeway. Actually, I can’t really go anywhere anymore.

Now I am learning how to make masks, I am having so much fun. For the past three weeks, I’ve been making masks with my friend Tanya. We’re making them for people in the community. I cut them around the bottom and we sewed them up nicely. My daughter asked me if I could make her and her mother in law masks so they could go shopping. So I went to Tanya and we made them pretty blue masks in one day. I went home and phoned my daughter to tell her they were done. Now, my daughter and I have a deal. She does my shopping, I let her in and she leaves the food at the door. I’m pretty lucky that I have my daughter and my brother and people calling me.

I’m doing okay these days. Thank you for having me do a story for you, and God bless you.

Written by Joan Pope, Self-Advocate of Semiahmoo, SAS member, originally published on

UNITI is the partnership of three affiliated societies that have provided important community services for decades. Semiahmoo House Society provides quality services and supports to people with disabilities and their families in Surrey and White Rock. Peninsula Estates Housing Society provides affordable and inclusive housing that reflects the diversity of our community. The Semiahmoo Foundation assures that UNITI has the recognition, relationships, and resources to support an inclusive community. Together we’re stronger!

Joan’s COVID-19 Experience Update: July 14, 2020

Now I have to wear a mask all the time. My daughter has been taking me to the doctors and I’m so happy she is doing this for me. I went and got my dentures done with my mask on.  No one but my daughter comes in to visit at my apartment. I follow all the rules, I get my daughter to go into all the big stores for me. Sometimes I visit my brother and his wife, we sit and talk outside. I go out for my walks all by myself. I made myself walk from here across the bridge to the mall for the first time since I recovered from cancer, I wasn’t even tired.

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