Coronavirus is a Worldwide Virus

Coronavirus is a worldwide virus that affects a lot of people. Because people are different they will react to this virus in different ways. Normally when a person gets sick, you know that they`re sick but with the coronavirus sometimes it’s very hard to tell if you have it or if you`re carrying the virus.

With other viruses, you can recognize them and treat them accordingly. With coronavirus, it is a new virus that is very unknown, which causes a lot of doubt and hesitation.

Many people are scared because of this. They don’t know what to do.
Life as we know it is very different now. Instead of being really active in our community, we are now staying at home more. Having to stay home does not mean we have to be totally isolated.

Being totally isolated, you will become depressed, and overwhelmed. There are many places that shut down like schools, offices, movie theatres, rec centres, and restaurants. Things are slowly opening up now but we still have to be careful.

We are now having to study and work from home. When a crisis hits, people with disabilities do not have equal access to goods and services, medical care, and information. Let`s all make sure that we all get the opportunity to make it through safely. The threat of coronavirus is a crisis that affects all of us.

Our actions impact us and all members of the community. Let`s help each other get through this. Personally speaking, I can relate to some people`s situations.

Written by Manjeet Ghangass, Self-Advocate of Semiahmoo, SAS member, originally published on

UNITI is the partnership of three affiliated societies that have provided important community services for decades. Semiahmoo House Society provides quality services and supports to people with disabilities and their families in Surrey and White Rock. Peninsula Estates Housing Society provides affordable and inclusive housing that reflects the diversity of our community. The Semiahmoo Foundation assures that UNITI has the recognition, relationships, and resources to support an inclusive community. Together we’re stronger!

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