General and Other

If you check the general box on the online donation form, your gift will be designated to the area of most need.

If you check the other box, you will ask to specify where you would like to designate your gift. With this option, you can designate your gift to any of the services offered by Semiahmoo House Society or Peninsula Estates Housing Society. Other than those already mentioned above, these services include: Community Services, Employment Services,  and Inclusive Living Services.

Donate to any of these areas.

Recreation and Leisure
Recreation and Leisure Services offer a wide range of recreational programs adapted to the unique needs and abilities of youths and adults with disabilities, allowing them to participate in the same activities as other members of the community. These activities include music, theatre, dance, fitness, sports, camps and travel. As they pursue new interests, try new activities and have fun, people report feeling more knowledgeable, confident, engaged and included.

The Recreation and Leisure Services receive no government funding and relies on the generosity of donors like you. Each $100 you donate enables 8 people with disabilities to receive one hour of services. Each $1000 you donate enables 20 persons with disabilities to receive four hours of services.

Donate to the Recreation and Leisure Services.

Acquired Brain Injury Services
Acquired Brain injury Services provide programs in a safe, respectful and non-judgmental environment for the participants and deliver service with consideration to social, cognitive, physical, vocational and emotional needs through individualized training and support.

Donate to the Acquired Brain injury Services.

Affordable and Inclusive Housing
Your donation to one of the Affordable and Inclusive Housing endowment funds will enable the development of additional housing, like Chorus, for the members of the general community and people with developmental disabilities. There are two endowment funds that you can contribute toward:

  • The Ankenman Associates Architects Endowment Fund intends to provide funding toward the development of affordable and inclusive housing.
  • The Independence Endowment Fund was initiated by a woman who has a developmental disabilities with the intention to provide rent subsidies to people with developmental disabilities who want to live independently.

Donate toward affordable and inclusive housing.