Community Services: North and South Campus

(Formerly known as Personal Development Services and Transitions)

On March 31, 2020, the program names Transitions and Personal Development were retired. Instead, service locations are now identified as Community Services – North Campus (Newton) and Community Services – South Campus (South Surrey).  This has created an opportunity for all future Community Services (CS), including Rec and Leisure, The Focus Group, and Discover Yourself to operate from both locations. People and community members can choose to enjoy and participate in experiences based on their schedule and location preferences.

The main focus of CS continues to be on community inclusion through various models such as community partnerships, volunteer opportunities, participation in various community events and activities. Both campuses have services that are available for people looking to learn new skills, have new experiences, and to focus on reaching personal goals.

Ultimately, the goal at both campuses will be for people to become more involved in and with the community. Services provided will encourage and support people to develop independence by providing an environment where safe choices are offered for everyone. Services will be in-house and community based where partnerships and connections are made with local businesses and organizations.

Community Services will encourage people to live full and vibrant lives by providing opportunities in:

  • Social development
  • Recreation
  • Employability skills
  • Fitness, mental health, and wellness
  • Interest-based learning
  • Community involvement
  • Life skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Leadership
  • Fine Arts

Focus group

The Focus Group is for people who are looking to build their skills for employment, reach new goals in their personal lives, and learn more about their communities while enjoying new experiences.  People attend weekly sessions with the same staff where they complete group work and activities that are designed around 11 Essential Skills of Employability: reading, document use, numeracy, writing, oral communication, working with others, thinking, computer use and continuous learning, transit, and critical thinking. The Focus Group uses a software program known as the ESAT tool, which tracks progress in these areas through both personal and staff assessments.

Intake Hub/Discover Yourself

The Intake Hub receives referrals for all new CS service recipients. It is the home of Discover Yourself (DY), a 4-week interactive workshop designed to give each person a sample of all services offered at Semiahmoo House Society. Discover Yourself utilizes building spaces as well as days spent out in the community during the 4-week process. Past groups that have attended Discover Yourself have told Community Services staff what they want: to learn about their own community, to build on already existing skills or learn new skills, to give back to others, to have new life experiences, to be employed, to learn how to build lasting friendships and to learn how to take care of themselves body and mind.

Encore and Seasons

Encore and Seasons were created to offer services for seniors and those who prefer an enriched life but at a slower and more relaxed pace in a quiet environment. People in these services have chosen to retire from traditional community service services.

Online Campus

Due to the novel COVID-19 virus, Community Services has adapted service delivery to be facilitated online. The Online Campus uses virtual software to connect people.  The Online Campus is a great way for people to attend classes and socialize while staying safe at home. This virtual platform can also be used to complement or add to direct support services.