Employment FOCUS:

Our North Campus Services are located in Newton and are available for people looking to learn new skills, have new experiences and focus on reaching personal goals. People who are looking to build their skills for employment can join one of our FOCUS groups.  Each group consists of approximately 10 people who attend sessions with the same staff each day of the week.  Our staff assist people to focus on the 9 essential skills of employability: reading, document use, numeracy, writing, oral communication, working with others, thinking, computer use and continuous learning.  We also develop skills in other areas, such as transit use and overall mental health and wellness.  With the full involvement of the person being supported, we use assessment tools to track growth and identify any barriers to employment. Then, we collaborate in creating ways to overcome these barriers.

Living a Full Vibrant Life:

People who are not seeking employment but would like to work on skills, achieve personal growth and give back to their community can still attend Transitions programs. We have several opportunities for enriching experiences at Transitions such as:  yoga, fine arts, volunteer opportunities and community involvement.  To help people succeed, we create opportunities within our own workshops and provide access to existing community resources.

If people are interested in either aspect of the Transitions services, they can be a part of both!  In order for people to live a balanced life, it is important that they seek out opportunities to make this happen!

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