Social Development

Programs that provide opportunities to build confidence and increase social networks while having fun such as Bingo, Music Makers, Breakfast Club, Teach with Movies, Steps to Success etc.


Community based and on-site programs that provide opportunities to become more active, experience leisure activities and to develop interests such as Swimming, Bowling, Dance, Gardening, Geocaching, Origami, Arts and Crafts etc.

Interest-Based Learning

Programs that provide opportunities for personal growth in areas of interest such as: Computers/Internet, Travel, Memory Development, Alternative Languages i.e. Spanish, Sign Language etc.

Volunteer Experience

Programs that are designed to assist participants with becoming valued and contributing members of the community while gaining work experience.  Opportunities include: Meal and Book Delivery, Animal Care, Soup Kitchens, Neighborhood Resource Centers, Senior’s Recreation, Thrift Stores etc.

Life Skills

Programs that provide opportunities to promote independence, safety awareness and daily living skills such as learning how to use Public Transit, Cooking, Vehicle Washing, and working in the “Treehouse Coffee Shop” etc.


These programs provide opportunities for increased fitness and healthy living such as: Hiking, Yoga, Dance Fitness, Aqua fit, Basketball, Gym Workout etc.

Fine Arts

Programs that provide opportunities for creative expression through various mediums such as: Acting, Musical Theatre, Mosaic Art, Rhythm and Drums etc.


This is a low-stress, low-structure program that is offered to those participants who would like a slower-paced and quieter environment away from the Treehouse.


For more information contact:

Brianna Hopaluk, Manager of Community Inclusion
Office: 604 536 1242 ext 232
Fax: 604 536 9507