UNITI is the new umbrella name that represents our three registered non-profit organizations:

  • Semiahmoo House Society
  • Peninsula Estates Housing Society
  • The Semiahmoo Foundation

To learn more about each society, please click on the links provided to at the top of the page.

UNITI is not a registered entity. It is a brand name that was carefully selected to connect the three societies, while ensuring they are differentiated. Many people are aware of the work that SHS performs in our community and some understand the role that TSF plays as a sister society, but very few realize that PEHS actually exists or is affiliated with the two other organizations. Most people that know of Chorus would probably say that the project is owned by SHS when in fact it is owned by PEHS, which happens to also own the Peninsula Estates complex at 20th and 152nd in South Surrey.

Further, Chorus iconizes the collaboration that has taken place between the three societies (SHS, PEHS, and TSF). For years, these affiliated societies have worked inextricably together to attain their respective ends and missions. By leveraging the strengths of each organization, the triad forms an undeniable force, better equipped than ever, to make a real difference in the lives of people, inspire other organizations in undertaking complex initiatives, and galvanize the development of diverse and inclusive communities.

With UNITI, together we’re stronger internally, in our community and internationally. UNITI is about promoting inclusion and creating models that can influence societal change.