Our Family Has Been Positively Impacted
Our family has been impacted and touched deeply through the years from our association with SHS. This amazing organization has supported our son Cory along with many of his friends. Over the years, Cory has been provided a safe and fun environment to develop life skills, personal interactions, leisure activities, employment and now an amazing opportunity to live in the Chorus Community.   We are very grateful to all the caring people at SHS who personalize and plan with our children so they can set and reach their life goals. We encourage you to reach out and be touched by SHS as we have.

– The Pennington Family: Rod, Corinne, Rodney, Cory & David

Supporting the Agency that Supports my Daughter Is Important to Me
I am a parent with a daughter with a developmental disability. I feel it is my duty to provide her with the best life possible, including planning for her when I can no longer support her. As with many other parents I have set up a Registered Disability Pension Plan (RDSP) and pay into it monthly. I have also set up a discretionary trust.

My daughter takes part in numerous programs offered at Semiahmoo House, including Personal Development and Rec & Leisure.  My daughter gets so much pleasure from the Rec & Leisure programs she takes part in and as these programs are not government funded.

Often, as parents, we are so focused on our child we tend to overlook supporting the agency that is supporting our child. Support can be provided by becoming a Semiahmoo House Society member, volunteering, and by donating. I feel the financial health of Semiahmoo House Society, the agency supporting my daughter, is important as I want Semiahmoo House Society to continue supporting my daughter long after I cannot.

– Parent of a woman with a developmental disability

I Contribute Because it can Create that Profound Connection
Rachel Naomi Remen wrote “In recent years the question ‘how can I help?’ has become meaningful to many people. But perhaps there is a deeper question we might consider. Perhaps the real question is not ‘how can I help?’, but ‘how can I serve?’  We cannot serve at a distance. We can only serve that to which we are profoundly connected…that which we are willing to touch.”

I have been fortunate to serve Semiahmoo House Society for many years and to be a part of a wonderful service to people in our community to get a better life, a good life, a great life.  I also have a brother who uses the services of Semiahmoo House Society which has transformed his life.

The sustainability and health of organizations like Semiahmoo House is critical to the sustainability and health of our society.  Whether through career choice, donating, volunteering or becoming a member…it can create that profound connection and an opportunity to be “touched” by an organization that makes an incredible difference in so many lives.

– A Sister

Why I donate to Semiahmoo House Society
On a daily basis, I see the good work that is happening at Semiahmoo House Society.  The dynamics of acceptance among all the people who gather here is an inspiration.

Semiahmoo House Society is a safe environment for people to be themselves – to share, to learn, to grow.  It is a caring community – supporting people to identify and realize their goals, supporting people to participate in and contribute to the South Surrey/White Rock community and beyond.

I am happy to make a donation by payroll deduction to the Employee Endowment Fund, knowing that my donation, along with the donations of others, will result in positive life experiences for many people.

– An Employee of Semiahmoo House Society

Realizing their Potential
Our son has been participating in the Recreation and Leisure programs at Semiahmoo House for many years now. Such programs are extremely important for our young teens and adults. Continued support with social skills, communication, and encouraged friendship development is often essential for many. I find the programs continue to improve with higher expectations from the participants; helping them realize their potential, all while having a great time in comfortable surroundings.

Our son feels such pride in participating in the year-end extravaganzas – “Acting makes me feel good. I like to act with other people.” He has carried his confidence over into other areas of his life. Give them a chance and they’ll show their “abilities”.

Semiahmoo House provides services that many families/individuals depend on. Without the support and services of Semiahmoo House, our son’s life would not be such a rewarding experience.

– Parents of a Young Man with Confidence