UNITI Social Media Content Creators

 UNITI’s Social Media Content Creators are going to be instrumental in shaping our online presence, fostering community engagement, promoting inclusivity, and driving impactful change.”

– Director of Development, Jillian Glennie

Who are volunteers at UNITI?

UNITI is fortunate to have a network of dedicated volunteers who bring unique perspectives, skills, and enthusiasm to our programs and initiatives. With their invaluable contributions, our volunteers play a pivotal role in supporting UNITI to empower UNITI to reach new heights of impact and effectiveness in our mission. Their dedication strengthens our community and exemplifies the spirit of unity and collaboration that lies at the heart of our organization.

What will Social Media Content Creators do at UNITI ?

UNITI is actively looking for dedicated volunteers to join our team and support us in enhancing our media presence. Your valuable contribution will empower us to steadfastly advocate for the complete inclusion of individuals with disabilities within our community. Join us in making a positive impact and fostering a more inclusive society for everyone.

Social Media Content Creators will play a vital and dynamic role within our organization. UNITI hopes these dedicated individuals will harness their creativity, passion, and digital expertise to craft compelling narratives, engaging visuals, and interactive content across various social media platforms. By curating and sharing impactful stories, updates, and initiatives, they will amplify UNITI’s message and mission to a broader audience.

These volunteers will contribute significantly to raising awareness about UNITI’s programs, services, and events. Through their innovative content, they will connect with our community, foster meaningful conversations, and inspire action. Their strategic use of social media platforms will not only enhance UNITI’s online presence but also cultivate a sense of belonging among our audience.

Their creativity is going to transform abstract concepts into relatable stories, making it easier for people to connect with UNITI’s mission and contribute meaningfully.

An organization you can trust:  As an organization who has been a part of the community for 64+year, UNITI has seen our area grow and flourish with changes. UNITI’s support and connection to the community is essential. UNITI ensures when we are planning our events, we are thinking of you!

UNITI is accredited at the highest level through the Council of Accreditation and was awarded the Non-Profit of the Year through the South Surrey-White Rock Chamber of Commerce.

UNITI is a valued community organization with the following recognition:

  • UNITI is accredited at the highest level by the Council on Accreditation (COA)
  • UNITI is the 2023 Non-Profit Award Winner of the Surrey Board of Trade Excellence Award
  • UNITI is the winner of the 2021 Non-Profit Award Winner, SSWR Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards

Our impact: See the impact report from the 2021 12 Days of UNITI Holiday Campaign here: https://uniti4all.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/FULL-12-Days-Report.pdf

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Contact UNITI Director of Development, Jillian Glennie at uniti@uniti4all.com.