Volunteers – Gardeners

“Gardening volunteers at UNITI transform ordinary spaces into thriving, green havens, enriching the lives of our residents and leaving a lasting impression on the entire community.

Director of Inclusive Living,

Lise Boughen

Who are volunteers at UNITI?

Volunteers at UNITI are the backbone of our community, selflessly dedicating their time and energy to help UNITI thrive. They are the heart and soul of our mission, embodying the spirit of generosity and community support. Our volunteers come from diverse backgrounds; they can be students eager to contribute, parents with a passion for making a difference, friends committed to lending a helping hand, or individuals affiliated with other community organizations sharing our vision for positive change.

What do gardening volunteers do? 

UNITI Gardening Volunteers, through their meticulous care and nurturing, create vibrant and welcoming spaces for residents at UNITI partner, Peninsula Estates Housing Society, to enjoy. These well-maintained gardens provide a sense of tranquility, relaxation, and pride for those living in our affordable housing properties, fostering a positive atmosphere within the community.

UNITI Gardening Volunteers contribute to the environmental health of our neighborhoods by promoting biodiversity, attracting pollinators, and improving air quality. Their sustainable gardening practices inspire eco-conscious living and serve as a valuable educational resource for the entire community.

An organization you can trust:  As an organization who has been a part of the community for 64+year, UNITI has seen our area grow and flourish with changes. UNITI’s support and connection to the community is essential. UNITI ensures when we are planning our events, we are thinking of you!

UNITI is accredited at the highest level through the Council of Accreditation and was awarded the Non-Profit of the Year through the South Surrey-White Rock Chamber of Commerce.

UNITI is a valued community organization with the following recognition:

  • UNITI is accredited at the highest level by the Council on Accreditation (COA)
  • UNITI is the 2023 Non-Profit Award Winner of the Surrey Board of Trade Excellence Award
  • UNITI is the winner of the 2021 Non-Profit Award Winner, SSWR Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards

Our impact: See the impact report from the 2021 12 Days of UNITI Holiday Campaign here: https://uniti4all.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/FULL-12-Days-Report.pdf

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Contact UNITI Director of Development, Jillian Glennie at uniti@uniti4all.com.