The 2022 Zombie Walk is over.  Stay tuned for next year’s! 

More information to come closer to October 2023.

The White Rock Zombie Walk has moved to the White Rock Community Centre on October 30, 2022
Zombie mermaid with purple hair and a tail with bones showing lies on top of a large white rock with the White Rock pier in the distance. The water is dark and the sky fades from orange to black. At the top, in the black sky, are two zombie eyes peering through.

The Zombies Came to White Rock!


Sunday, October 30th, 2022


1pm – 4pm

*NEW* Location:
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Dress Code:

Come dressed as a Zombie,

or come as you are!

Event Highlights


Humans being chased by people dressed as Zombies on the White Rock Beach pier.


3 young people dressed as Zombies sitting on the grass near the water at White Rock Beach.

Zombie Make-up by Donation

Young person dressed as a Zombie with glasses and a plaid shirt. The "Zombie" has a wound on their cheek and forehead.

Photo Ops

3 young people dressed as Zombies pose on the promenade at White Rock beach with the sun in the distance creating a shadow in front.

…Want to know more?

1pm is Zombie makeup by donation, 2pm is ghoulish greetings, 2:15pm is zombie led activities, 3pm is prizes and entertainment and 4pm is the end.
Woman dressed up as a zombie mermaid standing on the White Rock pier with the sunset in the background. Her outfit is sea-green and she has scaly blue scars on her face.

Zombie CuriouS…?

Come dressed up as a Zombie or participate as a human!

But, if you get creative with your Zombie costume, you could win one of several prizes (scroll below to learn more!).

Click on the photo on the left to watch our Creative Director’s become a Zombie Mermaid!

Zombie Etiquette

Our Zombies are taught that humans are friends, not food!

Absolutely no touching, no biting, no yelling, and no startling people are permitted.

If a Zombie approaches and someone looks scared or uncomfortable, the Zombie will turn away.

Remember, everyone’s level of comfort around Zombies is different. Be respectful and have fun!

3 people dressed as Zombies and one woman dressed in bright human clothes.

Get Creative for a Chance to win a Prize!

There will be prizes from local businesses.  Get creative with your Zombie costume and you could win one of several prizes.

Prizes will be announced around 3pm on October 30th.  You must be at the Zombie Walk at that time in order to collect your prize, should you win.

Thank you to all the prize donors!

  • Surrey Eagles
  • Earls Kitchen + Bar
  • The Gallery
  • Glowology
  • Emme Hair
  • Galaxie Craft Brewhouse
  • Silver Icing
  • Old Soul Reflections
  • Morgan McConkey
  • Buchanan Printing
4 people dressed as Zombies having a picnic. They are cheering with glasses of fake blood and eyeballs.

Restaurant Specials

The Ocean Beach will feature a Zombie Cocktail now thru October 30th.

Galaxie Craft Brewhouse will feature a Rotten Sickening Sour now thru October 30th.

Earls (Grandview Corners) will offer 15% off food to Zombies that come in on October 30th with a discount slip obtained from the UNITI booth at the White Rock Zombie Walk event.

This event is brought to you by UNITI in partnership with the City of White Rock.
Special thanks to Creative Director, Crystal Smith.
Poster concept art by Kevin Moore; Poster digitally transformed by Alyssa Millar.
Zombie mermaid with long purple hair and a green tail with bones showing. The mermaid lies on top of the White Rock. Text reads White Rock's Zombie Walk