Ask the Obvious Question: It Leads to Awareness

A few years ago, Doug Tennant and I had the pleasure to entertain a couple of communications specialists who gracefully gave us tips to expertly disseminate our message in the community.  While we engaged in an hour and half conversation talking passionately about issues related to community living, our guests dumbfounded me by interjecting a… Read More

Inclusive and Affordable Housing

Everybody should have a home: a place of safety and happiness that they can decorate in their own style, invite over friends and family, and relax after a tough day. Unfortunately, for many people who have developmental disabilities, this is not a reality. In fact, for most people who have developmental disabilities, there are not… Read More

Leading From the Heart

Leadership is a fascinating subject that has elicited much debate among people of various disciplines through the ages. It is only since the 20th century that leadership received significant consideration from the academic community with social scientists attempting to investigate the right combination of attributes and behaviours that leaders must possess in order to influence… Read More

The Reason I do my Job

I have great days at work. Days that would warm your heart, touch your soul and give you hope. Days that remind you why we choose to get into this emotionally demanding and, at times, difficult career. Today, I had such a day and I wanted to share it with you. As an Employment Training… Read More

When Dreams Come True

They say “Dreams” do come true. I believe this, because today twenty young adults with developmental disabilities, both intellectual and physical, are now living in their own apartments and can call this home.  They are all living their “DREAM”. This dream all began about thirteen years ago when Semiahmoo House Society collectively with its employees and… Read More

Strengthening Relationships Through Socialization

Semiahmoo House Society, (SHS) has identified and addressed the need for support for socially responsible housing for persons with disabilities (PWD). SHS has worked for over a decade to build an inclusive apartment building, where a true representation of community is provided affordable homes. This apartment building, Chorus, has 71 units, 20 of which are… Read More