This is Harmony

Because everyone has a right to a home in their community.

What is Harmony?

  • Rental homes, on average 30% below the current average rent in Surrey.
  • Harmony is a 91 rental home, 6-storey inclusive building, in South Surrey.
  • The 91 rental homes will be affordable and inclusive housing for the life of the building.
  • Harmony is for essential workers, seniors, families, people with disabilities, students and other people who are being priced out of South Surrey.


Let the City of Surrey know you support Harmony.

Email Christa Brown, Surrey City Planner and let them know the impact that Harmony will have on you and the community (

Share your thoughts with the community.  Follow us @uniti4all on social media for updates.

Support Harmony, an inclusive and affordable apartment in South Surrey.

Jasper & Kristina’s Story – Family

Liz E’s Story – Artist

Victoria & Zoe’s Family Story – Family in need of Harmony

Azza’s Story – My Mother Needs Harmony

Hayley’s Story – Local Professional

John’s Story – Retired

Zoltan’s Story – Chorus Tenant; Previously Displaced

Manjeet’s Family Story – Family in need of Harmony

Garrett’s Story – Student

Donna’s Story – Retired

Roxanne’s Story – My Mother Found a Home

Krista’s Story – Active Community Member

Elizabeth’s Story – Student

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Letter of Support
Self-Advocates of Semiahmoo
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