Family Supports and Services exist to help families negotiate the systems that can positively impact their loved one such as Community Living Services. Our operating philosophy is that:

  • Families are best supported by being empowered to help themselves.
  • Families are able to take the lead in planning a good life for their loved ones.

The focus of services and supports include:

  • Planning with people and their families to facilitate Person Centred Plans and provide support in figuring out how to implement plans.
  • A resource to people and families to navigate and learn the system, work with the system and to direct people to resources/resource exploration.
  • Accompanying families to CLBC (Community Living British Columbia) meetings to support the preparation of plans, requests for services, CLBC profiles and to inform about CLBC requirements.
  • Supporting families in other areas, such as:
    • Advocacy
    • Navigating the system and finding the right contact person and resources
    • Support with housing planning
    • Facilitation and support with Lifestyle/Support/Futures planning.
    • Support for families and people with transitioning to or changing adult services
    • Any education that could be beneficial to families

With Family Supports and Services, we aim at:

  • Supporting families to help their loved ones lead good lives of their choosing through person-centred plan facilitation and implementation.
  • Ensuring that families have the tools and support to advocate for themselves and take a lead in planning for their loved ones to ensure they have a happy, healthy and safe life, now and in the future.  This includes (but is not limited to) where people want to live, how they want or need to be supported and what people want to do with their days to lead a full and meaningful life.
  • Facilitating access to resources to assist in navigating the systems based on individual circumstances.
  • Informing families to build confidence and knowledge and to become advocates for themselves.

For more information please contact:

Nolda Ware

Office: 604-536-1242 ext. 266