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Uniti is accepting applications for home share providers. Uniti matches people who are looking for a home with people who live at the home by considering their interests, support needs, personality and lifestyles,

Options for Inclusive Living

Staffed Homes in the Community

Semiahmoo House Society offers a variety of residential group homes. Each person living in these homes is encouraged to plan and live their own lives with encouragement from family, friends and their support team. The twenty-four hour a day professional support team are all taught the philosophy of self-determination.

Community Support Network (Home Share)

This model is for people who want to live in a home with a family, couple or roommate who can assist in providing support.  We use a person-centred approach to match Home Share providers with the person’s personality, support needs, lifestyle and interests.  Home Share providers are under contract to provide full-time support to the person in their home.

Chorus Apartments

People have the option of living in their own apartment with other supported individuals also living in the same complex. There is a support team who also resides in the same complex.  The support team helps people develop daily life skills such as cooking, cleaning, budgeting and socializing.  This model allows for independent living with support as needed.

For more information, please contact:

Lise Boughen, Director of Inclusive Housing


Office: 604-536-1242 ext. 227

Cell: 604-612-9443

Jasper Macabulos, Director of Inclusive Living


Office: 604-536-1242 ext. 254

Cell: 604-722-7436