Semiahmoo House Society offers a variety of staffed homes in the community. People living in these homes are encouraged to plan and live their own lives with support from family, friends and their support team. The twenty-four hour a day professional support team are all taught the Person-Centred Practices philosophy.

Person Centred Practices (or Person Centred Thinking) encourages happiness, health and safety through individualized approaches for people living in staffed homes.  In Person Centred Practices, the support team and person living in the staffed home consider what is important to and important for the person.  “Important to” considers what provides a person with a sense of purpose, happiness and comfort.  “Important for” considers what keeps a person healthy and safe, both emotionally and physically.  People lead their own lives and the support team, their family and their friends walk alongside them.  The support team receives training and has peer-reviewed tools and skills to support the people living in the staffed home.

For a better understanding of what life is like in a staffed home, read this blog post from The Semiahmoo Foundation.

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