The Semiahmoo Foundation (TSF) is part of the UNITI partnership along with Semiahmoo House Society (SHS) and Peninsula Estates Housing Society (PEHS).


ENDS Policies

The Semiahmoo Foundation assures that UNITI has the recognition, relationships and resources to support an inclusive community.

  1. PEHS and SHS achieve their ENDS Policies.
  2. UNITI has strong and diversified partnerships.

                2.1 UNITI educates employers about inclusive employment practices.

                2.2 UNITI has partnerships with influential people and organizations.

                2.3 UNITI raises awareness in the community of the benefits of inclusion.

                2.4 UNITI educates donors about inclusion and inspires them to give.

  1. UNITI is recognized as a model of inclusion.

                3.1 UNITI is recognized as the leader in person-centred practices.

                3.2 UNITI is recognized for innovative practices in inclusion.

  1. UNITI has resources to be an innovative and independent leader.

                4.1 UNITI has quality, appropriate facilities.

                4.2 UNITI creates opportunities for creative ventures.

                4.3 UNITI has the ability to address funding gaps.

                4.4 UNITI has growing endowment funds.

                4.5 UNITI supports partner organizations.

  1. People with disabilities and those who support them have financial resources to pursue opportunities of their choice.

                5.1 People have access to education opportunities.

                5.2 People have access to cultural opportunities.

                5.3 People have access to personal development opportunities.

5.4 People have access to self-actualization opportunities.