Annual Ends Reports

Every year, members of the Self-Advocates of Semiahmoo, with SHS staff support, lead a consultation with people we support and other stakeholders to ensure that we are actually achieving our Ends. We do this because…

Semiahmoo House Society (SHS) exists to support people who have disabilities to live lives of their choosing in their community.

The Chief Executive Officer has a responsibility to report to the Board of Directors each year on how the organization is doing in achieving the Board created  Ends of SHS.  Semiahmoo House Society and its employees are responsible for exploring the Ends Policies with the people they support in order to support people to have a good life of their choosing.

The best way to check-in and see how things are going in people’s lives…is to ask them…listen to them…and learn from them…

  • To check in and see if SHS is working on its Mission.  To see if SHS is doing a good job helping people to live good lives. To see if SHS is helping to make a difference in people’s lives.
  • To listen to people and see what they think.
  • TO PROVE what we are striving to do and TO IMPROVE what we are doing.   To discover what we need to pay attention to…what we need to work on.
  • To strive to act on what we hear by…
    • Celebrating what we are doing well so we can keep doing it – or enhance it.
    • Figure out what we can do better.
    • Figure out what we can do differently.
    • Figure out what we can change.
    • Act on what we hear to make recommendations to Semiahmoo House Society.
    • Strive to ensure SHS services and supports are helping people to move towards living lives of their choosing based on the ENDS.
    • Use the learning to inform the Organization’s Strategic Plan.

So that people are living happy, healthy and safe lives in their communities.

Click image above to read the Ends 1 report.

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