Semiahmoo House Society provides quality services and support to people with disabilities and their families.

At Semiahmoo House Society, we subscribe to Person-Centred Thinking and we incorporate these practices in the design of all our services. The Person-Centred philosophy addresses both what is important to and what is important for the person. Person-Centred practices go beyond providing services that focus primarily on care and safety; they also consider the holistic desires, wants and needs of the individuals by allowing them to direct their lives and make their own decisions.

Person-Centred Thinking is all about choice. Many people elect to be actively involved in the development of their personal plans. They set goals for themselves and prioritize the activities to attain those goals. Whereas, others take life a day at a time and are content to live the good life they choose for themselves. In any case, our staff is there to support people’s aspirations by providing them with opportunities to embrace their lives as a journey of discovery, exploration and experience.

As a result, many people with disabilities and their families have reported that their association with Semiahmoo House Society has resulted in life transforming experiences and has enhanced their quality of life.